"La perle est sans valeur dans sa propre coquille" (proverbe indien)
3 domaines d'expertise. Une équipe trilingue. Un service sur-mesure.

Know yourself and understand others.
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High IQ and neurodiversity for innovation.
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To keep companies open and keep on creating jobs.
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Our team

Funded by management experts, Dixit International is dedicated to services for SMB and individuals.

Our team of coaches and consultants is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Valérie Garrel, AdmA
Associée et coach
Claude Savoie
Associé et coach
Chloé Keric-Eli
Associée et coach
Cécile Lazartigues-Chartier
Consultante en interculturel
Pierre Duguay
CRHA, consultant en RH
Danièle Cyr
Ean Murphy
New York